Adrenal Fatigue


Tired? Sluggish? Low energy? It could be Adrenal Fatigue

by Jen Halvorson RD

Do you often feel low on energy? Do you always feel you need a pick-me-up just to make it through the day?

If you feel like this often along with being unable to lose weight, the cause could be weakened adrenal glands. Adrenal glands are shaped like a triangle and located above the kidneys. Their primary function is to generate hormones that handle emotional and physical stress. When your adrenal glands are constantly being worked, it causes an array of issues in the body. And, it’s typically the reason you can’t lose weight and can’t shake that “I am so tired” feeling.  (For additional Adrenal support/eating us at Midwest Weight Control 763-416-2280)  or check out our webstore!!!

Is this you?

What are the symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue?

Below is a look at the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. If you notice you suffer from at least two of them, you may want to see your doctor because you could have adrenal fatigue.

•Cystic breasts

•Dark circles under eyes


•Dry skin with an overabundance of pigmentation

•Easily startled

•Excessive perspiration/sweating… even when you’re not working hard

•Extremely irritable, can’t handle stress

•Extreme mood responses after carbohydrate-consumption (bread, sugar, pasta)

•Heart palpitations

•Lack of sex drive

•Lightheadedness when standing

•Light sensitivity, not able to see at night very easily

•Low blood sugar

•Low blood pressure

•Muscle twitches

•Poor sleep, tired constantly

•Premature aging

•Recurring infections

•Salt cravings

•Side pain, knee pain/weakness or back pain (usually the lower back)

•Sweets and carbs cravings, intolerance to alcohol

•Thyroid therapy doesn’t work

Remember, if you have two or more of the symptoms on this list, go see your doctor. After all, when you’re adrenal glands are healthy, your body’s immune system is also healthy and the thyroid works like it should.

5 ways you can naturally boost the function of your adrenal glands


In order for your adrenal glands to strengthen, you must get some sleep. Be sure you’re in bed by 10 p.m., every night. Just like you need your beauty sleep so do your adrenal glands.

Reduce your consumption of sugar and processed carbs

It’s imperative to reduce, if not altogether eliminate, your consumption of sugar and processed carbohydrates. The hormones your adrenal glands produce help in the regulation of blood sugar levels. If these glands are tired, they can’t do this process. And yes, it’s necessary to ensuring a healthy weight, immune system and energy levels.

Consume organic foods

When it comes to foods you eat, consider going organic whenever you can. Conventional foods are generally sprayed with insecticides and pesticides, and these will weaken your adrenal glands. If you don’t go organic, thoroughly wash your produce to reduce/eliminate the chemicals. When consuming animal protein, you want lean, clean meat.

Put the caffeine down

Caffeine helps to give you a “quick” burst of energy, but you get a longer burst of energy with healthy adrenal glands. Instead of caffeine drinks like sodas and coffee, consume herbal teas, purified lemon water or coconut water. While some folks can drink caffeine and be fine, other people can’t. Listen to your body.

Consume purified water daily

Purified water helps to eliminate the toxins that have built up in your body. And, it also helps to keep your adrenal glands healthy. These are just some ways you can naturally improve the health of your adrenal glands. Again, it’s important that you see your doctor to determine if the cause of your symptoms are related to weakened adrenal glands or something else entirely. For additional Adrenal support/eating us at Midwest Weight Control 763-416-2280

by Jen Halvorson RD

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