Eyelash Extensions

Enjoy fuller, longer, and darker eyelashes every day with semi-permanent eyelash extensions

Tired of applying mascara or false eyelashes? Is using an eyelash curler getting old?

Eyelash Extensions can enhance the look of your natural lashes, making them look fuller, longer and darker. Your eyes will become the focal point of your face, which will make you look younger, brighter, and overall healthier. Eyelash Extensions are great for everyday wear, or special occasions.

With numerous lengths and widths of individual eyelash extensions, the application possibilities are limitless for a unique and beautiful application. Individual eyelashes are single eyelashes that are glued to your own lashes, one at a time. 

Whether you want long and lush, extreme volume, or a more natural look, the opportunities are endless. Our well-seasoned eyelash extension technician will discuss what look you wish to achieve and will be able to customize the right lashes for you!

When applied correctly by an eyelash extension specialist, Eyelash Extensions feel no different than your natural eyelashes. Feel free to shower, swim, and exercise while wearing Eyelash Extensions. When applied by a Professional, Eyelash Extensions can provide you with up to 4-6 weeks of natural wear. Because your own eyelashes naturally shed over time, regular touch-ups, or ‘fills’ are necessary every 3-4 weeks to maintain fullness. Fills take little time and keep your eyes looking beautiful.

“I have really short, blonde eyelashes. My eyes just get lost in my face. I was absolutely amazed at how I looked after Tracy put on the eyelash extensions. They look so real, I even had trouble seeing how they were attached. I have never had such long, beautiful, dark full lashes before. Plus, I don’t have to wear mascara, there’s nothing I have to do to take care of them, and they look awesome 24 hours a day! Plus, they last a really, really long time.”

- Jane

How Are They Applied?

Renewal MD’s semi-permanent lashes are applied individually. They attach to your own individual eyelashes with a high strength adhesive that is safe for the eye area. You can continue to use most eye make-up and enhancement products, such as Latisse. Individual eyelash extensions can last from 4-6 weeks, depending on your natural eyelash growth cycle and lifestyle. Flair lashes can last from 2-6 weeks, depending on which adhesive is being used. This will all be discussed with you to make sure your lashes are applied as you want them to be.

How Are They Removed?

As your own lashes naturally shed, the attached lashes will shed with them. However, if you find you would like to have them removed before the natural process, Renewal MD has safe, effective, and professional-grade lash removers to release the lash extensions from your own lashes. Because the glues are so strong, we suggest you have us remove them for you to prevent damage to your own natural lashes.

Join our Eyelash Club!

Because gorgeous eyelashes are something we are sure you are going to want to have on an ongoing basis, we have created a special Club with fantastic pricing to allow you to keep your lashes in great shape all the time! You will definitely want to take advantage of this. Call us for more details.

Complementary Services and Products

Eyelash extensions are gorgeous on their own, but if you would like to add even more depth and fullness, consider using Latisse®. Latisse is a wonderful accompaniment because it dramatically improves the quantity, color, and length of your own natural lashes.

If your eye area would benefit by having taughter skin, or if you have dark circles you would like to erase, Renewal MD carries the most effective serums and creams available to treat these problems. Schedule a free consultation to have your eye area analyzed and save time and money by letting our medical skin care team recommend the best solutions for you!

Renewal MD offers fantastic Eyelash Packages that combine both Latisse and Eyelash Extensions at unbeatable savings! Check out our Special Promotions today! For longer, thicker eyelashes, schedule a free consultation today!

“I love getting all dolled up but I have never been able to get the dramatic eyelashes that I love. That is why I chose to get eyelash extension. I met with Nicole from Renewal MD and she took the time to listen to what I wanted out of my eyelash extension and helped me chose the length and thickness that worked best for me. Now my eyelashes look amazing! It was just the touch of drama I was looking to add to my look. I would highly recommend Renewal MD.”

- Jeannette

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