Skin Tag Removal

Lamprobe® Therapy quickly & easily zaps unwanted skin tags and other imperfections

Lamprobe is a high frequency technology for the rapid removal of minor skin irregularities, such as skin tags, broken capillaries, milia (white heads), cholesterol deposits and acne pimples. It is appropriate for people who have benign, minor conditions of the skin.

How does the Lamprobe work?

At Renewal SkinCare, those Skin Tags can be removed with little time and no downtime. The Lamprobe works by either evaporating the fluids trapped inside the skin irregularities, or by actually removing the abnormality. The Lamprobe is applied to the skin for just three to five seconds per area, effectively sealing off the blood flow to the treated skin irregularity.

In some cases, a small amount of lidocaine may be applied to numb the area. In other cases, it may not be necessary at all. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities!

Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about removing unwanted skin tags or other skin abnormalities.

Complementary Services and Products

Renewal SkinCare offers other fantastic skin care services that reverse the signs of aging, including strong but gentle chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and our signature Triple Glo Therapy. Laser skin tightening, laser pigment services to remove brown and red spots, and even laser hair removal will all yield excellent results for a long time.

Renewal SkinCare offers  skin care products to improve the health and appearance of your skin and to help maintain the beautiful results achieved with Botox and Wrinkle Fillers. Schedule a free consultation with our skin care specialists to learn more about what would be the best choices for your skin.

“I had a few small skin tags on my neck and stomach that were just bothering me. It was so easy just to have the nurse zap them right off with the Lamprobe. I wish I had done it a long time ago, because it was so simple. Glad they’re gone.”


Happy clients giving a thumbs up.

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Before I came to Midwest Weight Control, I couldn’t lose weight. I’d tried everything from fad diets to different weight loss programs. I finally met with the staff at MWC and found out that I had certain medical issues that were standing in the way of my weight loss. The Medical Director addressed these issues with me, and I began to lose weight steadily. Since then, I’ve lost 61 pounds and I have adopted a new healthy and active lifestyle. I have never felt better in my life!

- Janice

After nearly forty years of yo-yo dieting, and believing I could not diet one more time, I decided to take a drastic step. I went through the testing for gastric bypass surgery, and was denied. Bitterly disappointed, I expressed my feelings to the dietitian from the bypass program. She suggested another option: Midwest Weight Control.

What a great program it is! Not only have I lost weight, but I’ve finally made the shift in my thinking about a lifetime commitment to fitness. I look and feel better, and have lost my self-consciousness about my weight. It will no longer be a barrier or an excuse for not doing what I want to in life.

- Maggie
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