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I started the Fast Track program at Midwest Weight Control with a girlfriend of mine, who also has had wonderful results. Eleven months later, I’m down 96 pounds and counting. This huge change in my life has been exhilarating. The healthy habits have rubbed off on my family too. My daughters have been so impressed with my results, that one chose to join the Teen program, and the other is doing her own plan at home with the dietitian information I have shared with her.
The program isn’t a DIET. I’ve tried diets. If you are like me, you have also tried every diet under the sun and have had some results, but never the life lasting kind. I know from previous experience doing the Atkins diet, along with a combination of exercise, I did see considerable weight loss. However, I became ill and the exercise suffered, which resulted in quitting the Atkins plan. Midwest Weight Control has changed the up and down gaining. This is a program that covers every aspect of making a total “Lifestyle Change”.  No more dieting. They have the doctors, dietitians, and medical background staff who are trained in weekly weighing and medical check points. They are all great and supportive to help make sure you succeed. The progress is still going, and it is reassuring to know without a doubt, I will reach my goal and be able to maintain it.

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Before I came to Midwest Weight Control, I couldn’t lose weight. I’d tried everything from fad diets to different weight loss programs. I finally met with the staff at MWC and found out that I had certain medical issues that were standing in the way of my weight loss. The Medical Director addressed these issues with me, and I began to lose weight steadily. Since then, I’ve lost 61 pounds and I have adopted a new healthy and active lifestyle. I have never felt better in my life!

- Janice

After nearly forty years of yo-yo dieting, and believing I could not diet one more time, I decided to take a drastic step. I went through the testing for gastric bypass surgery, and was denied. Bitterly disappointed, I expressed my feelings to the dietitian from the bypass program. She suggested another option: Midwest Weight Control.

What a great program it is! Not only have I lost weight, but I’ve finally made the shift in my thinking about a lifetime commitment to fitness. I look and feel better, and have lost my self-consciousness about my weight. It will no longer be a barrier or an excuse for not doing what I want to in life.

- Maggie
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